Week 50 - quick update

Written by Rex on 15/12/2017 13:31:45

It has been a while since the last update and changelog. We've been working on the game generator algoritm and a full overhaul of the mobile apps. We're planning on releasing an iOs version soon. The Android and Windows apps will be updated in parallel.

The mobile apps will lose the option to create a new game in the editor. Creating games will always go through the generation menu before you can open them in the Editor. Creating or editing a game before you generate it can be done fully offline. Once you go online it will synchronize all your data with the servers.

The new app version will include these features:

  • Prepare your game offline
  • Edit the game through subjects and keywords
  • Select themes
  • Generate the game
  • Quick questions
  • Edit your generated game in the editor