Changelog week 36

Written by Rex on 11/09/2017 09:42:54

Week 36 focused on general bug fixes and improved game caching. 

What's new

  • Game project designer suggestions: if the selected themes contain suggestions they're now shown in the game project designer. The themes will be updated to include more suggestions in the coming weeks
  • New game projects now ask you what themes you would like to use before you start with the form. This way, we can determine what kind of suggestion will fit your game. If you select a pirate theme we can suggest pirate themed subjects, characters, locations and quests.

What's improved

  • Caching improved: some browser kept the wrong version in cache instead of checking the server for new versions
  • Fixed issue where v1 games where unable to load
  • Improved mobile and desktop buttons styles. Added more icons to the buttons.
  • Rearranged the buttons in the game project designer