Changelog week 35

Written by Rex on 01/09/2017 08:06:24

Week 35 focused on overall speed improvements and accessibily for low end internet connections. As always we would like to hear your opinion in the forums.

What's new?

  • Icons for buttons
  • Action buttons and action bars

What's improved?

  • Buttons on large displays look more like buttons now, including icons
  • Buttons on small displays appear in the action bar
  • Loading screens and pages are 10x times quicker due to performance enhancements
  • Caching is improved, loading a game you previously loaded now checks for changes rather than downloading everything again
  • Caching is improved, loading screens and pages now check for modification before downloading everything
  • Sign in is now clearer and guides you towards the correct sign in method depending on your username or email you entered
  • Fixed Gamecreator editor being dublicating layers when their order was changed
  • Fixed Gamecreator editor showing odd order of layers in the element list
  • Fixed the start page loading the latest news or top games and themes double