Changelog week 32

Written by Rex on 15/08/2017 14:49:57

Week 32 focused on mobile improvements. The overall design has been updated and simplified as well as beautified. We would like to hear your opinion in the forums.

What's new?

  • Dashboard interface which shows recently updated game projects, themes, topics (you've written in) and more.

What's improved?

  • A continues design, pages are now more in line with each other for mobile and larger devices;
  • Improved the action buttons on pages to stand more out as buttons;
  • Improved the visual representation of any grid with cover images, you find these in the themes and games screens;
  • Improved caching of reuseable resources. Games should now update to new versions quicker for users due to cache updates;
  • Fixed the back button resulting in sometimes a white screen with the requested content (header, menu and footer were missing);
  • Fixed layers in the editor not being ordered correctly;
  • Fixed layers being visible more than once in the canvas view after being manualy orderend;
  • Improved loading of image resources in the game player and editor;
  • Improved performance on the server side for generating games through the designer;