Changelog week 31

Written by Rex on 04/08/2017 13:24:14

Week 31 continues on improving the Game Generator released in week 27. The most attention is paid to newly Game Generator. This Generator will receive most attention for the coming weeks. However, there also bigger changes to the manual editor.

What's new?

  • Collapsing elements in the element list panel inside the editor
  • Collapsing unused sections for asset files in editing themes
  • You can now filter on text, graphics and audio content inside themes
  • Added a repeat audio property for audio tags, you no longer need to use an action to repeat audio
  • Added conversation sentence conditions to text elements in the editor. You can now add a condition to determine if converstation options are visible/available

What's improved?

  • The breadcrumbs at the bottom of the manual editor are now more responsive
  • Ordering Layers in the editor is working correctly in the editor
  • Improved copy and paste behaviour (CTRL+C / CTRL+V) in the editor
  • Fixed tags now being addible in some cases in the editor
  • Fixed tags not being recognized in selectors in some cases in the editor
  • Element ordering property in the Layer settings now correctly order element in it's children (used for example in isometric rendering) in the editor
  • Fixed the element search bar in the editor refreshing (submitting) the input when left empty in the editor
  • Made the sign up and sign in easier and quicker
  • Improved level generation for the GameGenerator
  • Added more warnings and alerts when trying to generate an incomplete or too small game in the GameGenerator designer
  • Improved the storification of your game's input
  • Added an action bar to the generated game overview showing: edit, settings and play test