Changelog week 29

Written by Rex on 21/07/2017 13:19:58

Week 29 features a few new features but mostly improvements on the Week 27 update. The most attention is paid to newly Game Generator. This Generator will receive most attention for the coming weeks.

What's new?

  • Desktop: Undo actions in the gameditor through CTRL+Z / CMD+Z
  • The game generator now shows a complete game story preview before you actually generate the game. 
  • Added Success and Fail events to the Trigger element in the Game Element. 
  • Added Grid snapping and viewing in the Game Editor. 

What's improved?

  • Improved the level generation in the game generator. 
  • Improved the story generation in the game generator. 
  • Improved overal generator to generate more complete games. 
  • Improved text about Energy Points. 
  • Improved managing custom themes. 
  • Improved managing themes for the Game Generator. 
  • Improved sign in, page not found, not authorized, and other warning screens. 
  • Improved English translations. 
  • Fixed multiple bugs in the game editor: dragging & dropping on canvas/element list.