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On what technology is the GameCreator based on?
The GameCreator is a web-based engine, built for HTML5. This means that every device from pc to smartphone with a recent internet browser can use the GameCreator without a problem.

Can I code in the GameCreator?
No, you simply drag and drop your game together. By building games this way, there is no need for coding. For certified companies we can make exceptions and there is the possibility of custom made work. 

Is the GameCreator free?
Yes, you can make and share games for free. There are limits on size because bigger games need a longer loading period on a slow connection, there is a limit of the size of the games and there are limits on the amount of users that can play simultaneous on a non-paid account.

There are subscriptions available that are paid, these enable more features and allow you to make more games than our free account allows. These subscriptions will increase the amount of games and space you will have access to. 

Can I make commercial games/content?
Of course you can! When you want to make games or content for commercial businesses you will need a premium account. This account will also give you access to extra tools that will help you with commercial use of the games/content.

Are there royalties or per title-fee for commercial games?
There are no royalties or per title-fees on games. You pay for the consumed bandwidth. If you have many players, you will pay more than when the game has a small amount of players. 

I’m a school or teacher who’s interested in using the GameCreator.
When you want to make courses for schooling, we recommend our service InCourse. InCourse is just as easy to build games in as the GameCreator, but gives you insight to follow and manage your students and pupils during their courses.

What’s InCourse?
InCourse is the educational and business variant of the GameCreator. The concept of InCourse is about an interactive way of sharing information and learning through games.

Can I save my games to a desktop or device?
No, you cannot save your games to a desktop or a device. Though you can cache your games when you have a premium account, than you can play them without internet. This does count for the game editor, you need to be online to work on your games. You can however combine them with an app.

Can I play and/or develop my games offline?
When you have a premium account you can cache your games, this way you can play them while you’re offline. Though this does not work for the editor, you need to be online to edit on your games. The reason you need to be online in the editor, is that you can work with more than one person in a game. And you can’t work together when you’re offline.

Can I make a back-up of my games?
No, you can’t make your own back-up, we do that for you. Our company Islandworks makes periodically back-ups.

Help, I accidentally deleted my game! Can you recover it for me?
If you accidentally deleted your game you have a short period of time to reactivate it. You can find it back by searching for the game with the option ‘deleted games’ turned on. Your game will appear in the search results and you can restore it.

I made an account, but I can’t access it. What goes wrong?
We advise you, that when this happens, you send us an e-mail ( This way we can personally help you regain your access.

How do I change my password?
You can change it in your profile, click here.

How do I subscribe?
To subscribe you choose the subscription you want at our pricing page. You’ll need to logon and after that you will precede the steps of the pay method. The steps will be explained during the payment.

Will I receive a mail confirmation of the GameCreator for my subscription?
Yes, when you subscription is activated you will receive an e-mail from us.

What happens to my games when my subscription ends?
When you subscription ends, you can still logon and see all your information and games, but you will have a free account again. When you exceeded the limits of a free account (because you had more space during the subscription), you need to either extend the subscription or reduce the amount of space you are using. Meaning you might need to delete a few works, to be able to work on other/new projects. If you have exceeded the space limits, you can’t work on anything until you’re under our imposed limits.

Can I sell or transfer ownership of my licenses to another person?
No, subscriptions can’t be transferred but the games and the content that you are the owner of can be transferred to other persons.

Can I share my licenses with others?
No, a license can only be used by one person and may not be shared with others. Those need to subscribe themselves.

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