Written by Maaike on 06/06/2015 20:26:07

The printscreen below is the GameCreator editor, in here you can built all the games you like by using drag and drop techniques. You won’t need any code skills to use our GameCreator. In this article we will give you a quick tour about the different areas in the editor. Each area we’ve numbered the different sections of the editor from one to five and given a short explanation of each section.


1) This is the top menu. In here you can return to the setup of the game, you can play/test your game and add extra canvasses if needed or switch between them. Also you can switch between and add different layers, zoom in and out, rotate the entire game and use grid tiles. The last function of the top menu is the question mark, once clicked you will be directed to our help page where you can find more information on how to use our GameCreator.

2) The element section is the place where you’ll find all that you need to build your game, like adding images, milestones, triggers and math elements to create scores. Click on the element you want to use and it will appear on the canvas.

3) In this part you see the elements you added in your game, also named the element tree. At the moment you see “first camera”, which every canvas has at the beginning. Each element can have children, this way they are connected to the parent. If you move the parent element in the game, the children will follow.

4) Information in the element settings will appear on the moment you’ve selected an element that you placed on the canvas earlier. In here you can change the settings of the selected element, like the size of an image, whether it’s visible or not, but also give your actions it’s values.

5) This is where are all the magic happens. The canvas is where you will build the actual game. When you open a brand new game, you’ll always find one camera.  All images placed inside the camera are visible for the player and the ones that you place outside the camera are invisible for them, but you’ll see them in the game editor. When you place elements inside the camera, like milestones or audio elements, only you will see them.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! You can ask them in our community.